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E49- Astral Projection and Go Get Your Trazodone Now

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E48- The Western State Mental Hospital and Scary Animal Encounters

Congrats 2024 Grads!!IG: @weshihtzunawtPatreon:

E47- The Pooka

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E46- Paranormal 911 Call

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E45- Suspicious Meat

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E44- Appalachian Mountains

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E43- Simpatricia Trio

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E42- Demon Wives

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E41- I dOn’T SeE fLeAs

Recording Before a Storm! In this episode we read a first hand paranormal experience from a residential treatment center employee. DD4L! iykykIG: @weshihtzunawtPatreon...

E40- Spying Aliens

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In this episode we tell the story of someone spotting a shapeshifter in their own backyard and other shenanigans. IG: @weshihtzunawtPatreon:

E38- Travis the Chimp

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E37- The Zoo Man Murders

We're backkk. In this episode we talk about The Zoo Man Murders. Not necessarily paranormal... but still spooky. IG: @weshihtzunawtPatreon:

E36- The Rat Man

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E35- The Legend of the Melon Heads

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E34- Debbie Downer Snacks, Autopsies, and Flaco the Owl

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E33- The Black Bird of Chernobyl and Animals with Better Jobs Than Us

Does Jeepers Creepers have a family?IG: @weshihtzunawtPatreon:

E32- Hunting a Strange Animal and Funny/Terrifying Animal Encounters

Join us as we read a short story about hunting an unknown animal.IG: @weshihtzunawtPatreon:

E31- Snowmageddon 2024

In this episode we discuss talking animals, specifically the story of Gef the Mongoose. 

E30- I Brought My Other Dog Also. CaN YoU LoOk At HiM ToO?

In this episode we tell the story of creatures spotted in Connecticut. We also get read vet clinic shenanigans.IG: @weshihtzunawtPatreon:

E29- Goodbye 2023!

We're back from winter break! We tell a "tail" about a New Year's Eve shapeshifter and a story about a dog visiting his owner from beyond. IG: @weshihtzunawtPatreon: p...

E28- CaN YoU tRiM HiS nAiLs

In this episode we talk about the Mari Lwyd tradition and the short story Christmas Meeting by Rosemary Timperley.

E27- Frau Pechtra, A Haunted Elf on the Shelf, and Meth

Throw your retractable leashes away. IG: @weshihtzunawtPatreon:

E26- Otter #841 and the Yule Cat

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E25- The Idaho Wildman and Christmas Ghost Stories @weshihtzunawt

E24- Pancreatitis Season

E23- Wendigos and Talking Seals

E22- The Everglades and Mice with Hats

E21- La Siguanaba

Happy Vet Tech week!!

E20- The Kelly-Hopkinsville Goblin Case

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