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E22- The Everglades and Mice with Hats

E21- La Siguanaba

Happy Vet Tech week!!

E20- The Kelly-Hopkinsville Goblin Case

E19- The Bell Witch

Join us in our discussion about Tennessee's famous Bell Witch, Covid clients, New York Subway Rats, and names for our listeners. 

E18-Crime Solving Animals and Ghost Pee

We discuss first hand accounts of paranormal events from pet owners and health care workers. 

E17-The Legend of La Pascualita, IV Catheters, Shaving and Praying

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month we discuss the legend of La Pascualita! We also wonder how mermaids poop.

E16- The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

In this episode we chat about the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum and end on a high note discussing veterinary shenanigans. 

E15- The Legend of the Goatman and Thangs

Join us as we discuss the legend of the Goatman and his sightings. And veterinary stuff.Instagram @weshihtzunawtSubmit your stories at

E14- Betty and Barney Hill Alien Abduction

E13- He TaKeS tHe wHiTe PiLL

In this episode we discuss the folk tale of El Nahual, shape shifting, and having alien friends.

E12- Stay Heavy. Don't Get Kidnapped.

In this episode we discuss La Lechuza and the battle of the Harriott.

E10- El Cadejo and Fleas

E9- We're Not Groomers...

E8- Beyonce Didn't Cancel


E6- It JuSt HapPeNeD YeStErDaY

Destiny gets attacked by a cat. 

E5- Trying Veganism and Ghost Animals

We read spooky listener stories from veterinarians! And Destiny still waits for Adele’s call. 

E4-Creepy Disney Continued and Cocaine

We fell down the creepy Disney rabbit hole… will we make it out? No cocaine was snorted in the making of this episode. 

E3-Creepy Disney, Worshiping clients, and Haunted Clinics

Worshiping clients is not what you might think…

E2-From Mermaids to Sh*tting in Bushes

In this episode Destiny discusses her fear of merpeople and No-Face. We’ll also read online posts about hilarious events in vet clinics. 

E1-Runaway Pyrenees, Chicken Diapers, and Full Body Apparitions

Join us as we discuss adventures about chasing down dogs, client inquiries about chicken diapers, and seeing full body apparitions in the clinic.

Coming Soon: We Shih Tzu Nawt

Coming Soon, We Shih Tzu Nawt!!! A comedy and paranormal podcast created to bring joy and entertainment to our veterinary community! Join us on future episodes where w...

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